Personal data protection, according to Observantiae

Privacy is a business advantage as much as a social issue

That is why your Data Protection Officer, consultant or trainer must be responsible, adaptable and ethical but also affordable and transparent.

On average, it is therefore 720 euros excluding VAT / day (excluding additional charges or support requested by the customer) for our DPOs: more for complex structures, less for simpler structures, and negotiable according to the number of days invoiced.

In the case of very small voluntary companies, and after meeting and evaluating, we can also adapt to the client’s means, so that the Council can be within everyone’s reach.

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and/or the appointment of the Data Protection Officer (DPO/DPD) are wrongly perceived as binding legal and technical investments.

On the contrary, they are opportunities to optimize and protect your company, your staff and your customers. In addition, they offer many strategic advantages, even for small structures (which our Datablog highlights for you).
Our method

Our method

You choose the right Observantiae contact person for you, whether it is an outsourced DPO, consultant, lawyer or project manager.

The outsourced DPO Observantiae, accompanies you on average at a price of 720 euros excluding VAT excluding charges / day. If necessary, and always with your agreement, it pools the legal, IT, security and business expertise of its network. All are potentially necessary for a real compliance with the DGMP, which implies infrastructure security and safety as well as effective and transversal support.

He coordinates them while remaining your privileged interlocutor. These additional expertise, if any, do not entail any additional costs because they are, as often as possible, planned in advance and in agreement with you. This is why our invoicing is unique and simplified.

We owe this operation to our ethical charter, which each member of the network signs and is opposed to in the course of its missions. Observantiae is a community of values, expertise and knowledge exchange.

Our training courses

The Observantiae network trains, for an average of 700 euros excluding VAT per day. Our training courses are mainly dedicated to Personal Data Protection, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Building Security.

But our network also aims to offer you or your teams the keys to the world of Law (Labour, Society, Intellectual Property, etc.), IT (programming, hardware, software), Web development (HTML, SEO, SEA), compatibility and more.

Beyond compliance

Observantiae goes beyond compliance with the DGMP (which includes cybersecurity and safety). The expertise of the firm and its network can be used for other purposes, so it is our will to open them to our clients. The firm therefore meets the needs of companies of all sizes for any legal, organizational or technical need necessary for its growth.

Our firm chooses to operate ethically and democratically

Another distinctive criterion of our company is to guarantee ethical, pedagogical and human support. It is carried out through a collaborative charter that can be invoked by everyone, in particular the client. It evolves by proposals and weighted votes of the firm’s employees and partners, but the client’s proposals are also welcome.

Observantiae also expresses its full support for the Paris Appeal for Trust and Security in Cyberspace. This Appeal is also part of our core values because security and trust must be everyone’s business. We believe that all companies, regardless of their size and budget, should be able to be supported.

Another point, but not the least: we do not carry out quantitative mailing. All our prospects are contacted individually or directly.

A blog dedicated to data protection, but not only.

Finally, our company also aims to position itself as a webmedia through our collaborative datablog. Anyone, member of the network or not, can submit articles on our fields of activity but also the society of tomorrow. These articles are always sourced and have many useful links. They enable companies and citizens to effectively acquire knowledge in these exciting areas.

Observantiae est signataire de l'Appel de Paris pour la Confiance et la Sécurité dans le Cyberespace
Observantiae is a signatory of the Paris Appeal